About Embers

My name is Grant — I’m writing a book about how technology works. I’m also investing in American Dynamism at a16z.

This is where I share all the ideas I’m wrangling with. If you’re new, I recommend reading What I’m Here For.

There are three reasons why I started Embers:

  1. Act as an external catalog that show how I think

  2. Create a network of ideas that I can link to future essays

  3. Invite others to engage with these ideas with me

For more details read the announcement post.

In aggregate, these strategies help me figure out what the world looks like. They help me figure out Truthisms. They help me understand Humanity. They help me identify the current State of Affairs. And they help me figure out Where We’re Going.

These are ideas I’m pondering. I may be wrong, so I'm listening, learning, and thinking. Feel free to email me — to share non-obvious intel, ideas, and correct or solicit mine.

— Grant

(as a friendly reminder, nothing I write here is investment advice)

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