Ascender Weekly Vol. 9

Living in the Long-Term

What I’m Thinking About:

Every day we make decisions that impact our future. Collectively, these decisions profoundly influence the lives of the people we become.

For most, when they become those people in the future, they’re not always thrilled with the decisions they’ve made. There’s a reason people pay good money to get tattoos removed that they paid to get.

Contrast that with Ascenders. They’re cognizant that every day’s decisions become tomorrow’s manifestations. Ascenders know that their choices and actions will change them in a few months, maybe even a few weeks. They recognize the agency they wield over their life.

The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace a long-term mindset, and to reject living in a short-term stasis. This mindset pushes you towards discomfort; some decisions are not be enjoyable. But, by keeping the future in mind, you can overcome short-term pain and barriers. Triumph lies past these trials. Athletes know that deliberate practice leads to game-day results. The same is true for other endeavors. Evaluate every day and decision against future aspirations. This changes the decision-making process. Focusing on what you want to become makes you better.


Time magnifies the margin between success and failure. It will multiply whatever you feed it. – James Clear, Atomic Habits


The Surprising Power of The Long Game (article).

A Question:

What is something you’ve put off that you can do accomplish now?

- Grant